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Clomiphine Citrate

Clomiphine Citrate is indicated for the treatment of ovarian dysfunction. This includes patients with anovulation, oligo-ovulation, luteal phase defect and those requiring timing of inseminations for the treatment of male factor or donor inseminations.

Clomiphine Citrate is usually commenced between the 2nd and 5th day of the menstrual cycle, counting the first day of full flow as day 1. The medication is usually taken in the evening, in tablet form, for 5 days. Most patients respond to either 1 or 2 tablets daily (50-100mgs). Occasionally dosages of up to 250 mgs are required to achieve ovulation. The response to Clomiphine therapy should be monitored to insure that an appropriate effect is being achieved. Normally, it is our practice to start Clomiphine Citrate between cycle days 3-7 with the patient using an LH kit from cycle day 11.

An ultrasound and serum estradiol is often obtained on cycle day 13 and if an adequate dominate follicle exists in the presence of an adequate estradiol level and a good biological effect on the endometrial lining, hCG is administrated intramuscularly. The latter agent substitute for the body's natural LH surge. Most commonly, ovulation will occur in 30-50 hours following this injection.

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