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  JACOBS MH and Lyttle CR: Uterina media proteins in the rat during gestation. Biol Reprod 36:157-165, 1987

SHER G, Herbert C, Maassarani G, and Jacobs MH: Assessment of the Late Proliferative Phase Endometrium by Ultrasonography in Patients Undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer (IVF/ET). Human Reproduction, 6:232-237, 1991

EMD SERONO Inc.: Principal Investigator – A Phase II, multicenter, randomized, assessor-blinded, active-comparator, dose-finding study to evaluate AS900672-enriched versus Follitropin Alpha (Gonal-f®) in stimulating multiple follicular development in infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART). Initiated 5/7/2007. Completed.

ORGANON USA, Inc.: Principal Investigator – A phase IV, randomized, open-label clinical trial to identify predictive factors for controlled stimulation using fixed daily dose of 200 IU of recombinant FSH in a GnRH antagonist regimen with or without oral contraceptive scheduling. Initiated 10/11/2006. Completed.

ORGANON USA, Inc.: Principal Investigator – Does 200 IU give as consistent a response as 225 IU in normal responding IVF/ICSI patients using the Follistim Pen™ to deliver Follistim AQ®? Initiated July 2006. Completed.

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